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The PerfecDraw® is not simply a cigar poker. It is an internationally patent-pending, precision instrument that addresses the actual cause of a tight draw by removing small bits of tobacco within the cigar, exactly where it is needed. The PerfecDraw won the Cigar Trophy Award, which is the top international product award in the cigar industry. It was voted the Best Cigar Accessory of 2018 by cigar smokers from around the world.

Just like how we each prefer our steaks cooked, every cigar smoker has his own idea of what a “perfect draw” is. No cigar draw resistance can be ideal for everyone. Cigar smokers purchase the PerfecDraw to fix tight cigars, however they soon learn it will create their own idea of a “perfect draw” for every cigar they smoke. Cigar lovers no longer must settle for a “tight draw”, “acceptable draw” or even a “good draw”. They can now create their “perfect draw”. Every cigar. Every time!

The working shaft of the PerfecDraw is precisely designed with sharp tobacco cutting blades, as well as tobacco pulling channels. It will remove small bits of tobacco, exactly where you need it, and will pull on the surrounding tightly packed tobacco to loosen the draw. It has a sharp, tapered, flattened spade tip to “chew up” the tobacco as you twist it into the cigar. This prevents outward expansion to prevent damage and cracking of the wrapper.

The outer casing of the PerfecDraw is made of heat hardened aerospace grade 6061 T-6 aluminum. It also has a gloss black anodized “hard coat” for exceptional durability. The PerfecDraw working shaft and blades are constructed of non-corrosive 304 surgical stainless steel. The instrument will never corrode, and blades will never dull when used as directed.

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